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03-31-2012, 14:47
Mas, I came across a post online a little while back, I thought it was interesting so I saved the original and ended up reposting it here to see what people thought. There were a ton of different responses, everything from shooting the guy, to pepper spray, getting it on video and even going toe to toe with the guy. Someone suggested posting it here to see what you thought, so here I am :wavey:

What would you do in this situation?

My wife and I were driving on a large six-lane road in a major city in the mid-west. A guy (late teens, early twenties) in a small pickup pulled in to traffic from a side road and kind of cut off another driver (also male, mid - late 30's) in an SUV. The SUV had to brake a little hard - but there was never any risk of an accident or anything. So the pickup changes to the middle or three lanes and the SUV changes behind him. Everyone comes to a stop at a red light. I'm in the left-most lane next to the SUV, the pickup is directly in front of the SUV - both in the center lane. There are about 6 - 7 cars in front of us, another 6 - 7 behind us (in each of the three lanes).

So the guy in the SUV, who easily has 6" and a 100lbs on the kid in the pickup, gets out of the SUV, walks up to the pickup's open window, and proceeds to beat the **** out of the kid. Both of his fists pulverizing this kid's face, bashing his head in to the steering wheel, blood everywhere. The kid can't go anywhere because there are cars on all sides of him and he can't even get his seat belt undone. People are out of their cars, screaming at this guy to stop but nobody wants to confront him - I would image because he's such a big guy. I thought about pulling my CCW but didn't because I didn't want to spend the next five years defending myself in court AND there was the risk of hitting another car if I missed.

So the light turned green, some cars pulled away, the guy got back in the SUV, cut hard in to the right lane (clipping the pickup) and took off. Cops showed up and so on, I gave a statement along with a bunch of other people, the kid was airlifted to the hospital (he was unconscious). A cop called about an hour ago - the kid is in critical condition - they arrested the guy in the SUV at his home without incident.

Note: I'm well versed in the laws of my state and can say with 100% certainty that I would not have been held criminally liable had I shot him.

Mas Ayoob
03-31-2012, 20:21
Since GATE is geared to short answers, we can't really get into "what if" scenarios here. That works much better where it is, in an open forum where everyone can chime in, and there's room for the almost infinite conditional branching that invariably becomes part of the discussion.