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04-01-2012, 17:59
Mas, do you have any experience using a Smart Carry? I am looking for a method of very discreetly carrying my Kahr CM9 at work. I work in a lumber yard and am crouching, bending and reaching all day so traditional methods of carry won't work. I ran across the smart carry and it looks like there is hope there but I am kind of skeptical. Do you have any experience with them, or can you suggest something else that might work?

Mas Ayoob
04-02-2012, 17:42
Highly personal decision that has a lot to do with individual build, wardrobe, levels of daily physical activity, how "gun-permissive" an environment you work in, etc. The Smart Carry has made a lot of friends.

For me personally, it's not optimum and in that situation I might be more inclined to try a belly band or a "tuckable" under a tucked-in work shirt.

Certainly worth trying; only YOU can decide what works for YOU.