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04-03-2012, 17:19

04-03-2012, 18:08
I posted the following in another thread here a few minutes ago in GTPI that references this same blog story.
The report that link references appears to be the original partial police report release a week or more ago...

This report has been linked to previously in several of the ongoing Trayvon Martin threads in GTPI and in other threads in other forums (like the GNG Lounge) here on GT.

From one such thread five days ago here in GTPI...
Zimmerman/Martin SPD Police Report (

Gunnut 45/454
04-03-2012, 20:52
Well ge under the stand your ground law -he should not be charged. End of story ! He had the right to use deadly force to stop the assault on his person. Now if we could get the race baiters at actually read the law - apply the report to what the LEO's saw and heard from the witnesses they did there job and filed no charges. :supergrin:

04-03-2012, 21:11
interesting that TM was reported to be 6'0" and GZ was reported the be 5'9". That is not what was presented in the pictures presented. What a load of MSM bull crap.