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04-05-2012, 14:50
Surprise surprise!
..... The “serious concerns” of U.S. Treasury officials involving a risky $535 million infusion for a fly by night solar panel firm were ignored as the deal was fast-tracked by the Obama Administration, according to a federal audit released this week.

Bankrolled by Obama fundraiser George Kaiser, the now-defunct northern California company (Solyndra) got more than half a billion dollars from the U.S. government to promote green energy. Instead, it abruptly folded last fall, stiffing American taxpayers and laying off more than 1,000 workers. From the start, it was a controversial deal that was suspiciously rushed through for a politically-connected entrepreneur that had raised large sums for Obama.....


04-05-2012, 15:03
Jail Time !


04-05-2012, 15:49
This is Chicago-style fundraising.

04-05-2012, 18:05
No surprise here.

Gunnut 45/454
04-05-2012, 18:15
Yet there are GTers that will vote for the POS Obama. The crimal enterprise that is Obama needs to be serving a very long prison term. Like life without parole!:steamed:

Fred Hansen
04-05-2012, 18:55
Imagine my surprise.