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04-06-2012, 19:20
Mas, in court could the manufacturer of the ammunition matter in a self defense case? ie...winchester federal,speer,etc. vs. some of the smaller manufacturers (double tap,buffalo bore, reeds ammo, underwood's)that load the same bullets but at different velocities. Thanks in advance. Steve

Mas Ayoob
04-06-2012, 19:51
A lawyer who has a weak case will always try to find something to play up. "He used powerful ammunition" finds its way into those arguments. I learned early in the expert witness side of my career that, when uttered by opposing counsel, "Ma-a-ag-num!!" can be a four-syllable word.

It's understood in the worlds of Logic and Common Sense that the harder you hit a man you have to hit the first time, the fewer times you have to hit him at all to make him stop the bad things he is doing. True with fists, true with bullets. Whether it was Buffalo Bore +P+ or a larger caliber gun, it's one of the things your defense team has to be prepared to explain to a jury of lay people if the issue comes up in court.

And of course, it's even better if you can calmly and logically explain it yourself when it's your turn to testify.