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04-07-2012, 22:57
Mas, Do you have any data on the Speer Gold Dot 200 grain +P .45 ACP from different barrel lengths? If so, how has it performed in actual shootings? Lastly, can you substantiate the claims regarding this particular load having issues with failing to expand?

I have found the ballistic gel test data. What I'm interested in the real world data.

Any information is appreciated and thanks in advance!


Mas Ayoob
04-08-2012, 07:11
Most departments using .45 ACP today are carrying 230 grain, so feedback on current 200 grain JHPs is thin on the ground. Speer's old "flying ashtray" 200 grainer earned a great reputation back in the '80s, for what that's worth, but the Gold Dot is a different bullet.

Where you see the 200 grain Gold Dot is in .45 GAP, as used by NYSP and FHP. Both report satisfaction with the round's performance. Since the .45 GAP and .45 ACP have essentially the same bullet and velocity, Gold Dot for Gold Dot, if I was issued the 200 grain Gold Dot .45 ACP and it ran in my gun, I'd have no qualms about carrying it.


Mas Ayoob
04-08-2012, 09:05
NEOH212, my apologies for a holiday morning cerebral flatulence in my response to you, above. I neglected the "+P" element. Speer lists the Gold Dot 200 grain .45 GAP at 970 foot-seconds nominal velocity. In the 200 grain +P .45 ACP you asked about, that figure is 1080 foot-seconds. So, I'd be expected more recoil, more downrange smack, and more expansion with a possibly slightly shorter wound channel with the +P. Will keep an eye out for departments that have experience with that load, and get back to you if I find more.

Happy Easter,

04-08-2012, 13:09
Thank you for the info Mas. Have a great Easter! :wavey: