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View Full Version : Is 9x magnification enough?

04-08-2012, 00:54
Hi Zak,

My question is whether a good quality 3-9x42 will provide enough magnification for 800-900 yard shots .

The rifle is a DPMS pattern ar in .308.
The scope I have on order (still a couple of weeks to cancel if I need to) is a Pride and Fowler RR-800-1, 3-9x42.

I really like how the reticle is set up. It seems ideal for someone just learning long range shooting. The reticle can be seen here:

Street price for the scope is about 650.00

If you can suggest something not too expensive I am open to other ideas if the choice I have made is not a sound one.

Thanks for your help.


Zak Smith
04-10-2012, 11:11
It all depends on the target size and target contrast.

9m is on the low side to 800-1000 yard shooting, but you can get by.