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04-10-2012, 17:26
After reading many posts here, and watching numerous video's on the subject of hand gun offence. I was practicing holstering my G23, pulling it out and up to my chest as i bring in my left leg up to my right leg, push the gun straight out in front of me, and stepping back with my right leg and snapping it. Studied years of martial arts, and of course, once I learned some gun techniques, I adapted my martial arts training to it, by attaching the drawing, pointing and shooting, as one fluid and quick snapping motion. I'm going to practice this at the range. I also figured something out about the glock. The mag release button. Lots say its in a bad place, cause you have to wrap your thumb around to push the button, I learned to shoot the next to last round, left thumb release, pull mag out, grab next , put in, slap, shoot as fast as I can. So as far as speed reloading, i'm gonna be practicing this with my carry set up so I can rapidly reload and keep on shooting. Cause I know one day I will be scared, or my kid and wife will be under threat, and I want to put the bad guy, God bless his soul, down. New to this site, so if this post has been off topic or something, i'm sorry. oh, and Glocks rule!

Mas Ayoob
04-10-2012, 19:39
Hunter, welcome to GT! First thing I gotta tell ya, before a moderator does, is that our host wants us to keep the language family friendly, so you don't want to be posting any more words like the one used in the next to last line of your post here.

Congrats on getting out of the common "robot" movement pattern and into fluid draw. One thing I'd recommend, though, is practicing the draw (for the most part) separately from the shot. History shows us that cops and armed citizens alike are far more likely to have to take violent criminals at gunpoint than to shoot them, since most of them cease hostilities at that point. If we've programmed ourselves in practice/training to shoot at the end of the drawstroke, that's probably what we'll do when we draw for real, and the results could be tragic on both sides.

I wouldn't count on being able to keep track of your shots fired and a live round in the chamber when you reload for real. In an adult lifetime of debriefing gunfight survivors I can count on my fingers the number who were able to keep track of their shots fired once it went past three or four. Condition yourself for a worst case scenario slide-lock reload. It would also be good to learn to dump the mag with your firing hand, once the support hand has already grasped the spare mag. Particularly in the armed citizen role, we don't always have spare mags on our person; if a few rounds ARE left in the gun, we don't want to eject them onto the ground in the dark until we're sure we have a full mag already in hand.

Hoping you enjoy Glock Talk,

04-11-2012, 15:06
Hey Mas, I have watched almost as much video content of yours on youtube I can find, so I want to say, thank you for giving me some things to think about. And, to the moderators out there, i'm sorry for the B word. Guess I was feeling pretty strongly about that. If my post needs to be discarded, please do. And, I will watch the questionable language in the future. Regards
ps, just figured out i can edit a post i already wrote. so i fixed the bad word. =)