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04-16-2012, 21:24
G'evening Mas,

The first of the year I decided to take the permit to carry class in Mn. and recieved my permit within a two weeks of appying. It's nice to have a pro permit sheriff. I also purchased a glock 26 to carry and have been going to the range at least 3 times a month to familiarize myself with the gun. I have large hands and I wasn't completely comfortable drawing the gun with it's short grip so I purchased and installed a pair of Pearce XL extensions. They do provide a very nice grip when drawing but I'm wondering if they might be a cause of another problem I can't seem to shake.

I practice mostly at 10 yds and my groups have been steadily improving but I tend to drop a shot or two especially when shooting doubles or fast fire. I'm wondering if the extensions, combined with the short backstrap could be causing me to over grip with my pinky rolling the gun downward? Is a short gripped gun with extension more likely to shoot low now and again? Right at the moment, I'm thinking that a short extension such as the GAP that hooks the middle finger when drawing and allows for a solid two finger hold might be a better, more consistant set up? Recoil is not an issue. I work with my hands and they're probably stronger than average but that might be a disadvantage with the grip set up with the XL extension?

I understand the importance of practice but I don't want to be fighting a "mechanical" error in the grip if it exists.

Thanks for your time,


Mas Ayoob
04-17-2012, 04:19
A couple of suggestions, Scott --

You might want to work with a hard, "crush" grip with all your fingers. This will keep any of the digits from sympathetically tightening along with the trigger finger and pulling the gun off target, a problem known as "milking" because it mimics how a hand pulls on a cow's udder.

It would also be worth trying the G26 with its original magazine floorplate, and the last finger tucked tightly UNDER the butt. This will be a quick cure for "milking" due to unnoticed flexion of that bottom finger.

Give both a try, and feel free to come back and report on how it all worked.


04-17-2012, 18:47
Thanks Mas,

Shooting singles I don't seem to have a problem but it's completely possible that I am milking the grip when my speed picks up. Growing up on a farm, I actually have experience with that "technique"....LOL!

I've been using the extensions for the most part but I do have two other mags. One with the factory floor plate and another G19 with a sleeve. I'll experiment a bit. Don't ya just hate trigger time?:cool:

Thanks and all the best,


06-12-2012, 05:47
Just a quick follow up....... I have shot target air rifles for years which require a light hold/hand on the gun. While I thought I had a firm and steady grip, focusing on it even more made the problem slowly go away.

The extensions do seem to be more prone to shoot low than the G19 mag with sleeve or factory 26 mags but I believe my consistancy has improved quite a bit.

Thanks Mas,