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04-20-2012, 18:08
Mr. Ayoob,
Thank you for your work for GT and other media outlets and your stand for the 2nd Amendment. My question concerns which of my weapons you would prefer for concealed carry. I have a G29sf and a G30sf. I've heard some comments about the possibility of over penetration with the 10mm, hence the concern. I'm as competent with one as the other. Also, what would be your reccommendation on the load for both? Again, thanks for your reply.

Mas Ayoob
04-20-2012, 21:52
Both good guns. If you're worried about overpenetration with the 10mm, best bet is a 135 grain JHP in the 1400 fps range, as produced by some of the boutique ammo makers such as CorBon.