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Any Cal.
04-22-2012, 00:06
I wanted to put this in here because the parts are great for reloaders. The comp keeps the slide speed down and the brass much closer, even w/ the stock recoil spring. The mag extension is there just to add some weight to the butt of the gun, not so necessary but it does help it balance as the mag goes empty. Anyway, take a look on the exchange, and a gratuitious pic just for fun...

Ethereal Killer
04-22-2012, 11:02
I just bought that same comp but have not tried it yet. did you try a hreavier or lighter than stock weight spring on it and see what that did? how did light loads run? what was recoil reduction like... what would you compare a proper powered 10mm round to?

04-22-2012, 11:04
what kind of comp is that? how does it compare to the LWD one?

Any Cal.
04-22-2012, 15:17
I ran the stock spring to start with, and it worked fine, so I haven't spent the $35 to try something else. 200@1060 loads run fine, as do 180g Rem stuff. The light loads run really soft, you can feel the slide come back, then come forward, and the brass lands right next to you. Kind of like shooting a really heavy rubber band...

I don't know how much reduction in recoil is actually happening, realistically. There is a big change in how the gun feels, but part of it is just the increase in length of the recoil cycle. The only reduction comes from the added weight, the spots where gasses hit the REAR of the baffles, helping to pull the bullet forward, and the reduced rocket effect from gasses not being directed against gun. It does change recoil significantly though, so it can be perceived as considerably less. There is often (depending on the load) much less muzzle rise and twist during recoil, so the gun can seem to be recoiling less, and can be more controllable. Much of that energy is still present, however, so at times the rearward push can be much higher, even if muzzle rise is reduced. With 225 @ 1195 loads that don't work the comp well, it starts to hurt my hand from the rearward push; the tradeoff is that without the comp, the recoil would be extremely unpleasant in other ways, like torque on your wrist in multiple directions.

I can't really say what it might feel like, other than that I believe that it is in some ways similar to recoil the same load would produce in a heavier gun. 240@1200 out of a 3lb .44 seems to have a similar "bump" in your hand as 225 @ 1190 out of the comped G20, which weighs around 12oz less. There are going to be differences, too, so don't take that as gospel.

It is a Carver 4 port, it should shoot flatter than the LW, but the LW is supposed to shoot softer by a bit. A comp will have most of the gas directed upwards to shoot flatter (Jaeger), or most of it directed at the rear of the baffles (Lone Wolf) to help pull the gun forward. Some are a mix of the two. I am just guessing though, that much of the change comes from the weight of the comp, so you could probably buy whatever you feel like. Nothing is going to make the heavy 10mm loads shoot like the .38 Super open guns you see on Youtube though, since you are running a gun that weighs MUCH less, shooting a bullet that weighs MUCH more, and pushing it as fast or faster. -Edit- I would bet that if you could get a 3oz weight hanging off the end of the barrel, it could perform very similar to the comp with heavy bullet, low gas loads.

Whew, I think I just talked myself out of selling that thing... I still don't mind talking about comps though, or answering questions. Other guys out there run them also, and probably have more experience with them, so might chime in as well.

Any Cal.
04-22-2012, 15:31
Here is a pic of the comp, showing the debris collecting on the rear of the baffles. This is from gasses that would normally be using their power to push your barrel rearward, but in this case, they are pushing the comp, and by extension, the barrel, forward.

You have a certain amount of gas to work with, so it can be used for either making the gun shoot flat, or pulling the barrel forward, or some mix of both. The more gas you have exiting the muzzle, the more you can accomplish to whatever end you choose. That is why the Open guns tend to run light bullets with a large powder charge, so there is more gas available to do more work. A larger/longer comp also has the possibility of capturing more of the gas exiting the muzzle, but has to be balanced with diminishing returns. In the picture above, it looks like 1/2 the work is being done by the first port, though I don't know if there is more going on that can't be seen.

Ethereal Killer
04-23-2012, 16:48
Yeah, I bought the three port and had a KKM barrel threaded to match it. I saw that gunblast was getting increase velocities by using the LWD comp and was hoping it'd kinda make up for the lack of ability to get a decent longslide right now.

my goal was to reduce the recoil enough so that I stop yanking the trigger. I dont have any issue with the 9's at all and shoot pretty well with them but the large frame 10mm seems to mess with me even with a lighter trigger.

maybe I'm piszing up a rope trying to get a KKM barrel with a comp and a red dot to be reliable enough to carry for a fighting pistol. i hope not tho. worst case I just throw the stock barrel and spring in and I should be GTG.

Any Cal.
04-23-2012, 20:18
I think you've got a good chance at making it go, especially with mid-weight jacketed bullets. I would guess that the KKM won't have the super tight or super loose chambers that others have issues with.

Ethereal Killer
04-24-2012, 07:50
they claim to have a SAAMI spec chamber where Glocks is slightly opened up some. I know headspace is tighter than glocks significantly

Any Cal.
04-24-2012, 11:20
My Lone Wolf barrel was REALLY tight, so much so that any powder residue would cause a feed issue. Another member taught me to open it up, so I made it about .002" looser. It is still lots tighter than the factory chamber, but has been 100% so far. I think the sloppy factory chamber is more for being able to shoot when the gun and ammo are covered in mud and it hasn't been cleaned in months...:-)