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04-22-2012, 23:10
Hi Mas.

I've been focused on tightening up my groups, so I filmed my stance, grip, presentation, and trigger control and looked for obvious areas for improvement. Here's what's working for me now:

fighting stance
shoulders square to target
nose over toes
crush grip and high on the backstrap
support wrist extended with thumbs forward
crease behind first knuckle on the trigger
sharp front sight focus
press trigger to the rear and hold
shoot the reset

I'm still wondering if elbows should be locked out or slightly bent and how far forward the support wrist should be extended. Any advice is appreciated.


Mas Ayoob
04-23-2012, 17:49
Sounds like you're on the right track for self analysis. For the non-dominant wrist, if that side's thumb is pointing at the target like an extension of the radius bone of the forearm, you should have a particularly strong hold. Elbows? While I personally lock mine out hard and see good results with them, there are lots of champion shooters who put a little flex in those joints. Individual choice; try both, and see which gives you best combination of speed and accuracy.


04-23-2012, 22:34
Will do. Thanks. I've found that having the elbows locked gives me a reliable index.