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Camu Mahubah
04-25-2012, 07:41
why so much allure over the Horsey gun? I know why the Colt AR15 is revered. And the first 1911 I ever fired was a Colt National Match Gold Cup and it had a beautiful trigger but I was told it had been worked over to have that kinda trigger. I been reading that the Series 80 has an internal safety that prevents the gun firing if it is dropped but this complicates the gun and has made the trigger more difficult to tune.

I myself don't plan on tuning any 1911 triggers. I will shoot them stock unless they break then I might send it somewhere but...that is down the road.

Reading over my very first thread in this forum and somebody said I should get a Colt Commander in 9mm. I was looking at one on gunbroker just now and it looks pretty plain jane for a thousand bucks.

Is it really worth that kinda coin? It's NIB.

I've been wanting a 9mm 1911. Pretty badly. For good reasons. But I was gonna go with the Spartan 9mm because it already has everythang I want but this Colt is appealing in a way I cain't explain. It looks like a workhorse. I like the lines and look...I mean granted any GI looking Commander has the same lines but this Colt looks really nice in the pics...I wonder if it's blued or parkerized? I can email the seller..

If I bought this...would the retain it's value if I kept it in good shooting shape...I would shoot the heck outta it fo sureness but...

Any reason to avoid the Series 80? Ahhh I just seen buy it now is $1250! I could still do that much but is the Colt name really worth that much today? I hope it's all American made if I lay down that kind of cash. I could buy a really nice AR with that kind of money but I kinda want another 1911. Haven't shot the AR since I got my Filippino 1911.

Just wondering what y'all would say...

04-25-2012, 08:04
If I was buying a Colt 1911, it would certainly be 45ACP.

I also wouldn't pay $1250 for that.

38 Super Fan
04-25-2012, 08:57
I like Colts, but I wouldn't give $1250 for that one, or probably any series 80 Colt.

04-25-2012, 12:11
The allure is in the tradition associated with the name "COLT". Just about any out of production Colt is now considered collectible, especially if in nice condition with the original box, paperwork, etc. Some very high prices are asked, and usually received, if the item is listed for sale long enough. I have owned quite a few Colts since about 1970 and I understand the allure. But, I would not buy that one as a shooter. Every tiny scuff mark, scratch, ding, etc.will devalue the gun to a collector. I do hear good things about the STI Spartan 9MM for the money. I have 9MM 1911s by Springfield, Kimber, Dan Wesson, and have had more than one Colt chambered in 9mm. Like the Colts, I believe the Spartan uses the traditional Colt style unramped barrel. If so, that would be my concern with the Spartan. I have found that the unramped 1911 barrels in 9MM and .38 Super to usually require a little work to attain reliability, with other than ball ammo. The Dan Wessons, Kimbers, Springfields, STI Trojans, and others, use intregal ramp type barrels. Within my experience, the ramped barrels are much more likely to be reliable from the first, with any quality ammo, and as a bonus, provide more case head support than the unramped Colt type barrels. BTW, I have owned Series '80 Colts since they became available in 1983. I have never had, or seen a problem with the Series '80. If one , or one's gunsmith, is knowledgeable, safe, clean trigger pulls down to 3 1/5# are certainly attainable. I have seen no reason, other than the advice of know-it-all "Gun shop commandos", to avoid Series '80 Colts...ymmv

04-25-2012, 13:45
Since that 9mm Combat Commanders aren't being made right now and this pistol still has all the paperwork with it, it might worth some sort of collector's value to somebody.

I like Colts aplenty, but not to the point of collecting them so I wouldn't pay over $1000 for it either.

Camu Mahubah
04-25-2012, 13:48
^Thank You Sir for that great post...I feel like my feet are in concrete now...that is what I needed to hear...I needed a true knowing aficionado who knows what he is talking about to chime in. I feel like I just got forty years experience for free...should I send you cash?

Dang somebody posted while I was typing! I was talking to rock185....

04-25-2012, 14:12
You're getting some good advice there.

Now about the Series 80. I bought a Series 80 Colt Commander
in 45 ACP. It had ween worked over a bit by Chuck Rogers of
Rogers Precision. It has an OUTSTANDING trigger. When the
extra parts are properly fitted & polished, the trigger is nearly
identical to a Series 70. I would not search out a Series 80,
but if I were looking at a good deal, I would not pass just because
it were a Series 80. Here's the Commander

04-25-2012, 17:43
Colt is the original. I love Colts. I've never had a bad one.

04-25-2012, 19:36
the only Colt I would own is a 5" 70 series in 45 acp. the rest of the line-up is bleh..