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04-26-2012, 20:31
Just got my harrison T2 rear night sights for my range officer. Can anyone point me into the right direction on how to install these or do you need a gunsmith to do it. I just installed sights on my glock and it was a piece of cake. thanks for your help.

04-26-2012, 20:44
Remove from left to right. Install from right to left, with muzzle facing away.
Do you have a sight press? Wight may be tight & need fitted.

04-26-2012, 20:50
i dont have a sight press can i use a no marr punch? I'm confused because the harrisons have set screws but i dont see any on my stock adjustable sights?

04-26-2012, 20:55
The last 10-8 I installed in a Springfield, I had to file the sight
a bit. I removed material until I could get the sight in 1/3 of the
way by hand. Then I used a delron drift to position the sight.

04-26-2012, 20:57
i mean as far as getting the old sight out? is there something else to do besides pushing it out?

04-26-2012, 21:28
Sorry,........missed that.

A sight pusher or a drift. Do you have access to a bench mounted vice?
They help, A LOT! I use leather or cover the slide sides with
8-10 layers of masking tape, then place small strips of wood
scrap between the slide and vice jaws.

04-26-2012, 21:36
yea i have it hooked up to the vice now and i loosened the set screws but this thing is not budging i'm neverous to hit it harder

04-26-2012, 22:24
It could have LockTite on it.....may need a bit of heat.

04-26-2012, 22:58
I got it I had to really hit it. Had to file down the new sights quite a bit n then just ended up drifting it in. I wish someone had posted instructions on how to do it step by step cuz overall its an easy thing to do. Idk y u would pay someone to do it. Perhaps I shall write up instructions:embarassed:

04-26-2012, 23:02
I'll do some digging,.........I may have notes some where.
Pics when you can

04-26-2012, 23:13
Forgive the mess in the background it's my man station. Lol Here's the Harrison T2 night sights bomar cut

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