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04-27-2012, 20:47
Hi Maas,
I carry a Glock 21Sf on duty, and a Glock 30 Sf off duty. What load would you recommend for duty use, and off duty in the aforementioned pistols? I work in uniform in the Patrol Division (marked unit), and I have no departmental restrictions on ammo (can carry +p or any brand and bullet weight).
I don't doubt that the subject has been addressed before, adnauseum, but I am not able to locate any threads with the particular info I am requesting. I have seen a lot of other people's ideas of what they thought was best, but I was hoping that you could provide some insight as to what is the best all-around "Duty" load based on street proven situations.

Mas Ayoob
04-27-2012, 22:24
LAPD and San Diego PD have had great luck with the Federal HST 230 grain +P. Only down side is that the recoil is a little snappy for some shooters, and there's no factory-made analog training load with the same bullet weight, velocity, and recoil.

230 grain high-tech standard pressure JHPs have the advantage of identical recoil and point of aim/point of impact characteristics as inexpensive 230 grain hardball. Winchester Ranger-T is my choice in a standard pressure .45 ACP load, and oddly enough is what I have in the Glock 30 that's on my hip as I write this.


04-28-2012, 10:04
Thank you. I will get some as soon as possible, and make sure they function in my pistols.