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04-28-2012, 12:04
my wife's "house gun" was/is an all steel J frame. from 7 yards out she usually hits 4-5 on a steel pepper popper every cylinder full with 148gr. target wad cutters. (ccw gun is a LWS32).

a few weeks ago she shot my G26 and rattled off 10 of 10 at that same target. she really liked the gun but i couldnt let her have it because it is my BUG. so....she now has her own G26, however, the trigger is quite a bit more stiff towards the end of the stroke than my well used gun. both are Gen 3s but hers has a different recoil spring assy.

i dont remember any of my Glocks having a stiff trigger but then again im a good size guy and cut my teeth on D/A revolvers.

have any ladies here gotten a new G26 Gen 3 and noticed the trigger to be a bit more stiff than standard? does this smooth out over time?

today she, my daughter, and I went to the daughter (age 9) loves her P22 with laser and it was just overcast enough this morning for her to use it, she thinks its cool.

my wife fired off 100 rounds of wwb 115gr. fmj, she loads a G17 mag because she prefers that over the mag extension or the flat base plate. she cycles the slide correctly uses her fobus range OWB rig.....really does well but all of her shots are low left (typical of right handed shooter jerking the trigger). she shoots my BUG fine but the trigger is lighter. both guns are stock btw.

any ladies care to chime in?


M1A Shooter
04-28-2012, 14:42
my wife has a g26 and thats her only handgun. she will shoot my 17 at times but i lost the 26 to her and replaced it with a lcp for the few times i cant carry the 17. her 26 has a 3.5 ghost rocket in it but after getting a new g35, i will be replacing her trigger with a factory minum connector. she prefers the crisper feel from the factory.

04-28-2012, 14:51
My wife also chose the G26 over the J-frame she was carrying. The trigger was a little stiffer compared to my broken in G23.

"Breaking in the trigger"...A wonderful excuse to go do some shooting! :supergrin:

05-03-2012, 11:32
My wife prefers her S&W 637 .38 snubby to my Glock 26.

I know, I know, the snubby is supposedly hard to master, but she can shoot it well. Fits her, she likes it, she practices with it, handles the recoil fine.

But she doesn't like my Glock 26 :( Big heavy clunky brick, in her opinion.
She also doesn't like our Ruger LCP .380, says the recoil on that is too harsh. She'll sometimes carry the thin Ruger, but she doesn't like it. She won't ever carry the blocky Glock.

05-03-2012, 13:24
right now her ccw is a LWS32, but she prefers the g26 for shooting and handles it better than the j frame. as a house gun the g26 is her new preference.

05-05-2012, 17:57
If you can't do it yourself, just take it to a gunsmith and have the trigger lightened.

And FWIW, Mr.C loves revolvers. I hate them. I prefer HKs and S&W M&Ps over Glocks, but I'll take any Glock over any revolver any day, for both accuracy and grip comfort.


05-06-2012, 07:41
My wife also chose the glock 26 over her S&W 642 airweight, she shoots pretty good with it and the fact she likes the faster reload with the mag.

05-07-2012, 17:09
My husband got me a Gen 3 26 and I absolutely loved it... I couldn't ask for a better trigger, but it wasn't that way from factory. He did a trigger job on it for me and it was perfect. (Not a hair trigger, just perfect.)

We recently traded the Gen 3 for a Gen 4 and I can tell that this trigger is much stiffer even with him doing the same trigger job. I won't be able to shoot it though until IDPA this Wednesday. :(

05-08-2012, 11:17
The J frame is easier to conceal but nowhere near as accurate as a G26, nor does a J frame of the capacity of a G26. Having said that, I own both and IMO, the J frame advantage is it's just so easy to carry.

05-13-2012, 06:55
Bought my wife a gen 4 g26, she shot it well, but couldnt get it to cycle reliable for her. I bought her a walther pk380 and she fell in love with it. I later bought a sig p238 for my summer carry, she loves it and shoots it very well. Well I now carry the g26 that she couldnt bond with.

M1A Shooter
05-13-2012, 15:55
my wife now has both, not a true j-frame maybe - im not sure, but i just got her a smith bodyguard .38spl for her mothers day present.

05-13-2012, 18:54
my wife now has both, not a true j-frame maybe - im not sure, but i just got her a smith bodyguard .38spl for her mothers day present.

Nice :)

05-17-2012, 06:45
I have a 26 that I use as my usual carry gun. I do not like revolvers!

I found a magazine sleeve that slides over a 15 round mag to fit it to a 26. Makes the grip feel almost identical to my 19. I also like the fact that the trigger on my 19 & my 26 are the same

07-14-2012, 05:36
both guns are stock btw.

any ladies care to chime in?

Will you allow this gentleman (a matter of dispute) to chime in?

First off, my wife loves the G26. All three of them! Although I prefer a .45, I also like the G26 quite a bit.

Do you think that there is a minor problem with the trigger? I wonder how many pounds the trigger pull is, and if there is a mechanical "hitch" at the end of the travel that is causing problems.

If you don't know how to measure a trigger pull, there are "do it yourself" instructions on how to do it on the web. (The basic idea is to suspend a bag of weights from the trigger, and add ounces to it until the trigger trips.)

Even if you don't have the time to do this, a call to Glock support may be in order. Maybe you can send it in for some fine tuning.

07-14-2012, 05:41
I'd like to add that I know of a .38Special 5-shot snubby (Taurus 85) that was unusable because the springs were too heavy. Think of how hard you grip a new jar and you get the idea.

Brownell's has a replacement spring kit with lighter springs that will fix it right up. Getting the spring-loaded hammer strut to fit back into its slot is a bit of a challenge, but this is a 15 minute job.