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KC Kahr
04-28-2012, 19:13
Got it a couple of weeks ago. Less that $300. Hasn't missed a beat yet. Looks cool, fun to shoot. 26 round mags. Put a cheap Tasco red dot sight on it and it's pretty darn accurate at 50-100 yd range.

Picked up a couple of Black Dog $10 magazines. Love this thing....and $.035 per round sure beats shooting my XD45 or G36 @ $.40 a pop.

04-28-2012, 19:32
That's cool. I've never seen one in a local gun shop.

Blackhorse Trooper
04-28-2012, 19:52
I'll take one!!

04-28-2012, 20:16

KC Kahr
04-29-2012, 00:27
They also make an almost identical version in .223. AR15 type pistol for a few bucks more. But you go backwards again on the ammo costs. 22 vs 3.5. Named the PLR-16.

I've had/have a number of Kel-Tec guns and have always had good luck with them.