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View Full Version : can i use 38-40 caliber bullet(hardcast) in 10mm

04-29-2012, 14:09
i was wondering if its okay to use the 38-40 hardcast lead to reload for 10mm? i notice that they have the same diameter .400-.401. any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks

04-29-2012, 16:58
Some of them, yes, but it depends on the bullet dimensions. Some 38-40 bullets have noses too long for the 10mm.

The diameter is right though. As long as they physically fit in the case and the pistol, they'll work just fine.

Are you thinking of any in particular?

04-29-2012, 17:19
Yondering is correct...Seating depth becomes important, deep enough to allow function but powder charges may need to be adjusted to compensate to avoid over pressures.

Someone gave me some in a trade and the worked well in my S&W pistols

04-29-2012, 21:52
i was looking at montana bullets, the 200gr. how can you fknow if it will fit?

04-29-2012, 23:09
Those look pretty good. The "Nose to Crimp Groove Length" is a little long at .300, so you'll be crimping on the bullet's ogive in front of the crimp groove, but they should work OK. (Normal 10mm nose length can be up to about .270")

The meplat size is a little small too, for ideal hunting use, but isn't too bad. I would prefer .280-.290" there.

Of all the 40 caliber bullets they list, I think that bullet is probably one of their best choices for the 10mm. You shouldn't have any leading issues with the gas check.

I would also consider that Saeco 190gr (right under the 200). The dimensions look a little better for the 10mm. I'd get the HT 22BHN version if you're going to try nuclear loads, or get the air cooled 15BHN if you're going to shoot normal mild to warm 10mm loads.

Personally, if I were to buy a 200gr cast bullet for 10mm, I'd spend a few bucks more on the Beartooth WFN, here:
The meplat is .310", and the nose length is .280", which is just about ideal for taper crimping right in front of the groove. This one is more compact than the Montana bullet, (WFN rather than LFN design) so you'll have more useable case capacity, and can get higher velocity within the same pressure limits.

Hope that helps!

Any Cal.
04-30-2012, 02:11
Look farther down the 10mm reloading forum at the thread "New 208.5g bullet", it is all about that bullet... I got 100 of them and like them a lot. They feed well and penetrate well, and don't tumble in water. I was running them over Longshot, no idea how they would work with anything else as far as powder capacity. So far they are one of my favorites in 10mm.

04-30-2012, 16:15
I've not tried them in 10mm, but they will work in a a way. It's been a while but the barsto barrel I had wouldn't chamber them. Later on a cheap LW barrel would shoot them just fine. I still have the bullets around, they're Laser Cast 180gr