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05-01-2012, 23:11
The Maine GOP is saying they have already "chosen" a chairman for the State convention which is pretty interesting considering a vote has yet to have been held on the floor. Hmm....surely the morality police would agree that the GOP should follow the rules in the election process.:whistling:

05-01-2012, 23:36
Below is a portion of an email that notifies delegates that the Maine leadership has "invited" Charles L. Cragin to preside as chairman over the Maine State Convention. I'm sure that Mr. Cragin is a wonderful man but surely Mr. Webster means "temporary chair" because again wouldn't the chairman have to be nominated and voted on from the floor?:whistling:

(Augusta, ME) Charles L. Cragin of Raymond, Maine, the former Chief Judge of the U.S. Board of Veterans' Appeals, has been invited to preside at the Maine Republican State Convention being held in Augusta on May 5-6. "We are pleased and honored that Judge Cragin has agreed to serve as Chairman of the convention", said Charles W. Webster, Chairman of the Maine Republican Party. "Judge Cragin has a reputation for fairness, objectivity and integrity. He presided at several Maine GOP conventions prior to going to the Board of Veterans' Appeals in Washington and we are delighted to have him serve in that capacity once again", Webster added.

05-02-2012, 00:18
There's always a temporary chairman at the start of convention, usually appointed by the committee. The problem arises when this temporary chairman tries to avoid giving up the chair if and when a vote happens and that temporary chair loses. We've already seen several chairman get sour when they get booted. So point is, this guy may be the legally appointed temp chair and there's nothing wrong with that. If he's challenged and cheats then bust his balls.

05-02-2012, 00:29
We shall see, that's already been the case in Missouri.