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Ruble Noon
05-02-2012, 16:39


05-02-2012, 17:04
"According to Global News, both Janet and Jeffery have feeding tubes, and Corriveau believes they cannot see as they don’t respond to stimulus. Both have been in an institution since before the age of 10. Global News has more from Corriveau on her children’s condition and why she believes they would want to die rather than continue suffering"

I wouldn't want to exist like that.

All of us need to have a living will or we could find ourselves in just a situation. Here is an example. Search for your state's.

As a country we will need to deal with this. If you don't think so, take a visit to a Alzheimer care facility and stay there for one day.

Angry Fist
05-02-2012, 17:05
She could use a healthy dose of acute lead poisoning herself. I'll buy.