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05-03-2012, 18:07
Well, it's that time for me to finally pick up one of my favorite pistols, the 1911. I had a few questions regarding the Sig.

I was actually set on getting the Kimber Tactical Entry II but I'm finding out now that it's very difficult to pick one up. So, I've decided to look into the Sigs. I've been hearing lots of great things about the Sig 1911's. The one I'm interested in is the Sig Tactical Ops

My only gripe with the Sig is the ugly solid block trigger. I know its not about looks, but hey, if I'm dumping money into a gun, I want it to look a certain way.

Are these pieces easy to change to say a skeleton style? Can you order it skelontonized? I'm not looking to mod the trigger, as I hear it's a match barrel/slide/trigger already. Just looking to get a neater looking trigger.

If there are other suitable 1911's I should look for, do tell! What I am looking for in a 1911 is an all black, with rail (in case I decide to mount a weapon light)


05-03-2012, 18:07
If I can pick up a Sig like this... This is exactly what I'm looking for...

Do they sell them with triggers like this?





05-03-2012, 18:23
Anyone that is fairly experienced with firearms can fit a trigger.
Rather cheap as well, most are less than $50

05-03-2012, 20:19
There are many other options other than Kimber and Sig.

05-03-2012, 21:07
There are many other options other than Kimber and Sig.

I know, but these two seem to fit the bill in what I'm looking for within the price range (Sig being a little better in price).

I was looking at the SA TRP with light rail, and I hear they are a year out and the one I'm after might not even be DOJ approved. Which means... I'll need to find a used one. Nothing wrong with used, just even harder to find.