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View Full Version : CorBon DPX 115gr +P 9mm for Self Defense?

05-04-2012, 04:44
Hi Mas,

Could you please give me your opinion of using the CorBon DPX 115gr +P 9mm (Barnes copper bullet) for self defense in a compact firearm with a +/- 2"-3" barrel, such as the LC9, Nano, Kahr PM9, S&W Shield, etc.? I know you prefer "street proven" ammo such as the Winchester Ranger T and Gold Dot. However, I was wondering as regards ease of handling, follow-up shots, less recoil, etc., if this DPX 115gr round would be acceptable? Gel tests have shown +/- penetration of 11"-12" with bullet expansion +/- .75".

Thank you!

Mas Ayoob
05-04-2012, 05:21
Looks promising, but as you noticed, not street proven. CorBon 115 +P is not hard to manage at all in a compact handgun if you know how to shoot. My own CorBon round of choice would be the VERY street proven 115 grain Sierra JHP loaded by the factory to a nominal 1350 foot-seconds.

Best of luck,