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05-04-2012, 18:56

Would you be as so kind to post the link to your article about the Glock 26? I googled it but could not find it.

It has been my off-duty carry either ankle, pancake, pocket or IWB for almost 10 years. As I have much respect for you, I would love to hear your thoughts about the fine piece.



Mas Ayoob
05-04-2012, 22:42
Don't have a link per se, but might be available at Harris Publications tactical life dot com website.

Cool little gun, isn't it?

Sorry the old Luddite here couldn't be more help,


05-05-2012, 11:22
Great gun is an understatement! I first bought it to compliment my G17 duty carry. My agency has switch to a different platform in, of course, .40 cal.

What I love about the 26:

1 concealable in a number of ways
2 can have a full size gun with the switch of a magazine
3 always goes bang when you pull the trigger
4 really like the "beefy" wide grip for high-stress situations

The list goes on but thats a few:wavey: