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View Full Version : Safariland Break-Free CLP in precision bore?

05-05-2012, 08:48
I bought a Remington 700 SPS varmint for long-range shooting, and some Break Free CLP for cleaning. After running a patch wet with CLP through the bore, I am now reading that it is a terrible thing to use on a precision rifle barrel because it contains Teflon and will produce HF when the hot gases pass through the barrel, leading to pitting of the bore surface.:faint:

Then I've read that new CLP does not contain Teflon. This stuff is in a black bottle and it made by safariland. The label doesn't say anything about teflon.

Is this product safe to use on my rifle?


Zak Smith
05-07-2012, 10:24
I haven't heard that and I wouldn't sweat it. Put a couple dry patches through before you fire anyway.