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05-06-2012, 14:52
I bought a Springfield 1911a1 Loaded SS looked to be in great conditon had a few cosmetic scratches buffed out easily.

It seems to not want to chambers rounds fully 4 out of 80 rounds hung half way . Thought it was Mag issues used them in another 1911 with no issues stripped and cleaned throughly not vey dirty .. the slide spring seemed weak so i ordered a OEM spec 16lb. spring

should arrive any a few days

Any thing else i should look for

Cases are not marred no obiviuos scuffs on the slide or ramp took a fine mesh steel wool and polished the ramp and throat.

Thanks in advance..

05-06-2012, 16:40
Do you ease the slide when you chamber the round? Have you checked the feed ramp if it's not smooth?

What ammo do you use? FMJ, SWC, etc.

05-06-2012, 18:05
Feeds manually fine just randomly hangs I also just retentioned the extractor after reading another post and video on YouTube. It was tighter than the video advised .I will go to the range in a few days to see if that helped.

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