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05-11-2012, 13:27
A friend dropped off a Winchester Model 90 .22 WRF and a Model 1897 12 gage for me to look at and clean.

He just inherited them and wondered if they were any good or worth keeping. Both were in great shape and fully usable. I really appreciate the craftsman ship of the men who made guns like that. Usually people bring me busted pieces of crap thinking they have inherited something great and I have to disappoint them.

So happy to give him good news.

257 roberts
05-11-2012, 15:15
whats the barrel length and choke on the 97 ?

05-11-2012, 17:14
Full choke. I think it was a 28 inch. Once I got the hardened grease out of the action and re-lubed it was smooth as new.

I could be wrong but it looked like the front bead was ivory, not plastic.

05-11-2012, 17:47
I love those old Winchesters. I still shoot a model 62 which is just a newer version of the 90.

257 roberts
05-11-2012, 18:18
I'm sure that its ivory,I have a 1958 Win.24 16ga and a 1958 Win. 94 30-30,those old Winchester are NICE!!!!