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05-12-2012, 15:56
So I have been doing a bunch of research on my first glock and first 10mm purchase. I really want a long slide for it. From what I can find, LWD is the only company that makes the long slides. The thing that is puzzling me is there are a TON of people complaining about the quality of the long slides specifically for the G20s being made like garbage and really bad tolerances yet there are still a ton of people looking for them, talking about getting them, and wanting them.

Then I read some stuff saying the majority of the slides were top notch and there was just a batch of them that were out of spec.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on what is going on with the LWD slides? I realize there is a lot of people that bad mouth products that have never even owned them or seen them first hand. they just regurgitate what they hear one person say on the internet and it just keeps growing. Next thing you know EVERYONE has a friend that owns a LWD slide that is out of spec and is a POS.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

05-12-2012, 16:06
I've only got one, a G20LS slide, and it's fine. No issues at all, other than the black coating they offer isn't very good.

Ethereal Killer
05-12-2012, 20:38
cant give a definitive answer but... this winter I started a LS project. turned out after sending it back and waiting a couple of months that LWD called me and said they were refunding money because they could not get their machinists to make the slides in spec at that point even after a couple of tries.

So, I abandoned my LS in favor of another route which is almost as good (hopefully).

AFAIK, they may or may not have the slides dialed in now. they do have great service even if the stuff coming from their subcontractors is problematic.