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Any Cal.
05-12-2012, 17:56
I have a Lone Wolf 5.2" threaded barrel and Carver 4 port comp for sale. Both are in good condition and work well. Barrel feeds everything and has good case support. Probably 3-400 rds through the barrel, less through the comp. Works well at keeping brass in the same county. $205/ $200 shipped for the combo,or will sell the comp only for $102/$99 shipped. Will not sell the barrel separately unless the comp has already sold, and then can sell it for $108/ $105 shipped.

-Edit- I cleaned this barrel well, and it is puuurty in the rifling! Anyhow, I would also consider a part trade of a thread protector for the comp, as a way to help us both out. I like the barrel fine, but feel like the comp isn't getting worked as well with my super heavy bullets and fast powder. Works great with other loads, but I am trying to fund another project right now.

I have had 2 failures to extract with the barrel, with hot loaded heavy bullet loads, but don't know for sure that it is a barrel issue. I can polish the chamber to be sure, (what I will do if I keep it) or just send it as is. There is a scratched spot in the ano on the top of the comp, you can see it in the pic in front of the first port.


Any Cal.
05-18-2012, 14:13
Bump because the change in title won't show. Just dropped the prices some, save $15 over buying either component, or $25 or better over the combo when you count shipping costs. Also, would trade for a thread protector if you wanted to save even more! Feed ammo that most LW barrels won't, with case support better than most any other barrel.