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05-14-2012, 17:16
I know most of you that have played with the super do so as a way to make a hunting tool out od your 21. After taking some deer with it I have settled on the 185gr nosler from my deer load. Here are some recovered under the off side skin after wrecking the lungs of a big doe. Using Blue Dot in a +P+ load they easily reach 1250fps in a 6" barrel and using power pistol they will break 1400fps. That is plenty for deer. The +p+ loads will put 10 shots right at 1" off of sand bags at 25 yards with my current set up.


Here is a slightly blurry pic of a 185 next to a 210gr .41 Mag bullet. These were fired into the ballistic buffalo and the .41 only penetrated slightly more.

05-14-2012, 20:28
Very nice! I've been wanting to load up some .45 Super myself, got the brass, just haven't got around to it. The .45 Super has a lot of potential, even more so than the 10mm IMHO.