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05-14-2012, 18:46
Received a couple Savage-Made sheaths and thought Iíd post a first-impression review of them here. The two knives were a Super SOG Bowie and a Marbles Ideal with 7Ē blade (now unfortunately discontinued).

Background Ė Iím naturally left-handed, so most fixed-blade knife sheaths either donít work for me; or at best, work poorly. Iíve made a few of my own that are fine, but wanted to try something different this time; and found Savage-Made thru a typical internet search, looking for left-handed knife sheaths. Iím not connected with them, never met them (or Ďhimí Ė the proprietorís name is Harry Savage, and it may be a one-man operation for all I know), and have no vested interest there, so no reason to be less than objective in my impressions of them.

Short version: very happy with them. (Details to follow :supergrin: )

One thing I was impressed with was his willingness to work with me to get something that heíd never done before. Many knife sheaths come with a pocket for a small stone on the front, and thatís all well & good. But I hugely prefer an EZE-Lap hone to almost anything else for sharpening a fixed-blade, and he was able to incorporate that into the design at my request.

This is both knives in the Savage-Made sheaths, with the factory sheaths alongside. (Pardon the poor lighting & reflections):

Better pic of the new sheaths. I went with the spear-point version for the SOG, so it can also be used for right-hand use; hopefully by one of my sons someday. The half-guard of the Marbles makes that impossible unless using an around-the-handle strap, which I donít like. The SOG one is an old Randall style design, for anyone familiar with them:

This is a big part of why I like them so much. Instead of a front pouch for a stone, I had him put a thin sleeve on the back, sized for an EZE-Lap. Took a little explaining on my part, as he wasnít familiar with the EZE-Lap before this. Theyíre just 1/8Ē thick or so, and with the thinner leather he used for the sleeve, the result is exactly what I hoped for. Itíll let me keep my favorite (and small, thin, lightweight) sharpener with the knife completely securely, yet it can be removed & used easily by just removing the knife, up-ending the sheath (while still on the belt), and pulling it out. Love the result:
If the knife used were shorter, there wouldn't be enough room on the back for a full-length EZE-Lap, but even if the lap had to be shortened an inch or even two, it'd still be worth it to have that particular sharpener onboard; I'm that much of a fan of them.

Edge view of the sheaths. Six layers of leather at the top on both of them, tapering down to the typical three:

Iíve already ordered another one, for my 8Ē Marbles Ideal. Very impressed with both the product and the turn-around time. Accepts paypal so paying is easy & probably as safe as it gets, and they showed up Priority Mail less than two weeks from order date.

05-15-2012, 14:48
Didn't think to include the prices. They were $55 each, with $7.50 combined shipping; $117.50 total for both. Not really bad, considering it would probably take me 8-10 hours (plus cost of leather, cording, stain & hardware) to make & finish both of them myself.

07-06-2012, 08:36
Fwiw, one more Savage-made sheath; for a Fallkniven SK6 "Krut" this time.

Black factory sheath & brown savage-made sheath. You can see that the fallkniven sheath is made to ride quite low on the belt; lower than most sheaths I've encountered. The savage-made version rides more normally, which is probably a good thing with a knife this small.

One neat feature of the factory sheath is that it can snap on & off, but still be very secure due to the way the top welt is made; making it almost impossible to dislodge even if both snaps came accidentally undone. Same EZE-lap hone sleeve on the back of the savage-made sheath. I've really come to like having the hone right there with the knife; it's always easy to find yet out of the way.

Wish fallkniven made a slightly larger version of the SK6. If the blade were between 7.5 & 8 inches (rather than this 6.3"), it would be closer to my preferred size for a woods knife.