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View Full Version : More than 50% of Greek police officers voted for the Neo-Nazi party

05-14-2012, 20:07
Well, that's weird.........
More than one out of two police officers voted "Golden Dawn"! The striking element appears from the analysis of the votes at polling stations in the capital, especially in areas of Ambelokipi Kaisariani and vote massively-where about 5,000 police officers serving in police services in Athens.

In most of the sections in which the police-vote like other citizens, the percentage of "Golden Dawn" ranges from 19-24% and is the largest observed across the capital. It is characteristic that the organization in areas such as St. Panteleimon or blister, which is considered to have strong support, collects a percentage from 15 to 18%! prmd%3Dimvns

Cavalry Doc
05-14-2012, 20:24
Well, that's weird.........

From what I've heard, Greeks do all sort's of things weird.

05-14-2012, 20:29
Do you know why the Greek boy would not run away from home?

He didn't want to leave his brother's behind.

05-14-2012, 21:55
Cops love Nazis.

Does this thread violate Godwin's Law?

05-14-2012, 22:01
They're just looking for a little job security. I hear that's a tough thing to find in Greece these days.

They should have set things up like the U.S. Plenty of job security for police no matter which party wins.