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05-14-2012, 20:38
Romney Economics: Bankruptcy and Bailouts at GST Steel - YouTube

Cavalry Doc
05-14-2012, 20:57
Is this another one of those Romney and Obama are the exact same threads.

Flint/2000, I thought you were voting for Barry, not Ron. Did I get that mixed up?

05-14-2012, 21:25
Oh, thank you Truth Squad. You have convinced me. I will vote for Obama. Obama is the answer. All hail Obama.
Forward, Hope and Change. Higher taxes are good for us.
Welfare is just like getting a paycheck.

I get it all now. You can go back to DU, now. Thank you.

05-14-2012, 21:27
Businesses fail. Sometimes a venture capitalist sinks his money into a failing business and it turns around, sometimes not. Don't get too excited when someone tries and fails.

Remember - venture capitalists don't buy businesses that are profitable and healthy. Sometimes they buy failing businesses and make them profitable and healthy, and sometimes they buy them and carve up the corpse.

Curious - why does no one blame the ownership who sold out to Bain Capital? It is certainly a possibility they should have foreseen... And it would appear they were failing beforehand.

05-14-2012, 21:29
"Gee whiz, my granddaddy made a good living making buggy whips, and this evil conglomerate bought them out and shut us down! Greedy capitalists!"

05-14-2012, 21:29
If Romney hadn't shuttered them out of greed, a bailout may have saved them.

Rabid Rabbit
05-15-2012, 17:44
So how does Romney leaving Bain in 1999 have squat to do with GST in 2001? Just wondering about the facts and all.