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05-14-2012, 21:23
After getting off work, I threw my CZ in the truck, hit the gym and then went to the range.

I use a BSA 3x12 I had laying around until this rifle came along. It works well.
Ammo was Hornady 17gr V MAx.

The outdoor range had some fun rimfire targets .....I guess they were meant for 50yrds, I used it at 100yrds.

After the sighters, I struggled with vertical stringing a bit as my heart rate was still poking along from just finishing my Mon chest/ tri's workout. Once my ticker settled down, so did the groups.

My last few efforts were getting pretty decent as I could control the 'bounce' in the crosshairs and I figured out how much squeeze I needed in my hold. The trigger on this one is also a bit stiff- at least 6lbs.
Still, sub 1" four and five shot groups. POA was bottom of ring, gun is sighted 1" high at 100yrd.

Last one was 1/2" 4 shots (last four rounds left).

It's amazing....the more I steady it, the better it shoots.:supergrin:

05-14-2012, 21:39
They're stupid accurate. I've won quite a bit of money off the tricked out 10/22 owners at my range.

The only 22 I see that can consistently out shoot my CZ is an Anshutz 1710D that a local HS shooting team teacher has. Constant .5 inch groups, and I've seen a couple smaller than that when he and the gun are really dialed in.

05-14-2012, 21:44
I saw some 50yrd targets posted by Anschutz owners....insane. But there were a few, including a 452 and a cheapo Savage that were right in there with them.:whistling:

05-14-2012, 22:52
He doesn't usually best me by much, but that rifle does constantly best mine.

But he also paid closer to 2K while I paid less than 500. Sort of evens the tables.