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05-16-2012, 08:09
I'm sure the GOP will step right up to accept this blame too!
As if anyone is surprised, (not likely), the liberal Democrats continue to roll out the Prevaricatin’ Machine to blame the Republicans for the excessive spending that they, the Democrats, have done since 2007. I’m sure most everybody with any talent in reading or listening has heard the usurping parasite in OUR White House continue to blame the Democrat’s spending on George W. Bush. Obama is actually going to stress Bush’s fault for just about every thing that is wrong with our country as his reelection strategy.

05-16-2012, 08:11
The reality is, bush didn't help things, but Obama made it worse.

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05-16-2012, 09:35
Look at the situation in January 3,2007. The day the Democrats took over the Senate and the House of Representatives. The start of the 110th Congress. The Democrats became a majority and the stats starting changeing. Why did the democrats refuse to stop the financial risky toxic loans of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

05-16-2012, 10:43
There is a mountain of blame to spread around: The Boehner-McConnell budget debacle didn't help anything.