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05-16-2012, 10:14
I am currently working on a write-up of Hygenall's LeadOff ( My local range supplies GoJo for people to use after being in the lanes. I started using LeadOff wipes to clean my face and arms, after washing my hands. I was curious if others use these, or if not, what you use instead.

Do many people just not bother at all? I think that is a long-term bad idea if you're putting in a lot of range time, but to each their own.

05-16-2012, 15:29
Someone told me that one of the greatest expenses ranges have is in controlling ventillation and any possible issues with airborne lead and mercury compounds. For as infrequently as I go (so far about 1 hour a month), I'm not really too concerned.

As far as residue on your hands, I think washing with soap is all that is needed. While injestion of lead is never good, trace amounts are not going to kill you. Just my $.02 worth.

Jason D
05-16-2012, 16:13
Dawn dish soap.
I have handled and played with lead for most of my life.
I still haven't died from lead poisoning.