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05-19-2012, 03:06
Hi, Ive got 600 rounds of once fired 10mm brass Ive been saving to reload myself, but Ive decided just to sell it. ~50rounds is winchester, ~30 rounds is hornady, ~70 rounds is top brass, and the rest is starline...Im thinking about a price, but feel free to make me an offer, worst I can do is say no!

05-19-2012, 18:42
PM sent

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Rock Hound
08-06-2012, 15:45
I know Im digging up bones, but any brass for sale still?

08-07-2012, 08:44
Yes it is. Im waiting to hear back from a guy that offered me $75 shipped for them. If you wanna beat that then theyre yours. If you want to try to meet that offer, then Im going to wait a couple days and see if I hear back from that other fellow first.

big 76
08-12-2012, 18:13
Is the brass still available?

08-13-2012, 08:13
Is the brass still available?

Yes it is, feel free to make an offer. If you can beat $60 shipped theyre yours!

08-14-2012, 04:59
Brass has been sold to gunsup.

08-14-2012, 20:01
damn. I'm always late