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05-20-2012, 20:18
Mas, I too am a fan of the New York trigger for carry Glocks.
I am pretty happy with the trigger on my gen4 Glock 19, though, as it seems to be somewhat "New Yorkish" in that the reset is similar, as well as firmer resistance from the start of the pull. My question is with durability. I know you see many Glocks in action at your schools, gen 4s included. Have you seen any breakage issues in gen 4 trigger springs like the older generations? If not, I may well leave it as is. Thank you.

Mas Ayoob
05-21-2012, 06:39
Haven't seen any trigger spring breakage in the Gen4s yet.


05-21-2012, 14:55
Thanks so much. Best to you and yours, Mas.