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Dirk Pitt
05-21-2012, 14:25
I am looking for a source for 1911 springs. I have a (well actualy 2) SA 1911's and I want to get replacement recoil and firing pin springs. Just looking to have spares on hand. I tried the SA website under parts but could not find anything. Maybe I did it wrong, anyway I would like to go with Wolfe springs as I have heard nothing but 100% good about them.

Also just want to confirm the correct lb rating for standard ball rounds is a 16 lb spring. Is that correct?


Jim Watson
05-21-2012, 14:33

Easier to find if you spell it right, Wolff springs, not Wolfe.

05-21-2012, 14:34


Dirk Pitt
05-21-2012, 14:36
Thank you, sorry about the spelling.