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05-22-2012, 15:04
ive complained about some of the unneeded features on my LC9....wishing they simply made a scaled up LCP was asking too much i guess.

well i bought an LCR 22 today and what a disappointment with the trigger that ruger touts so much about.

i got this gun because i wanted a .22lr snub for my daughter to train with, and for just over $400.00 who could ask for more? i mean its a ruger, name brand, quality reputation et cetera......

well their trigger design was suppose to improve this type of gun, and in my limited experience it did that only slightly so with the LCR 38spl ive shot. but the .22lr was suppose to be considerabley better than say a model 63 or 43 and so on, lets not kid ourselves with the C.A. and taurus guns.

well, i guess i got a lemon because this LCR 22 has a stiff trigger, i dont have a trigger pull gauge but it is far more than any S&W centerfire J frame i have. the .22lr must have a stiffer trigger than centerfires to give it reliable ignition....but come on man, this thing is a far cry from what ive read and heard about.

the trigger is smooth for sure, but lighter than other .22lr revolvers isnt even close with the one i bought.

the gun is descent, quality, fitting, handling, all speaks well for ruger except the trigger pull. with that i am less than enthused. maybe after a few hundred more rounds it might start to lighten up? how many is required? i can tell you that 200 isnt enough.

thats it, im done.

thanks for letting me gripe.:upeyes:

05-22-2012, 16:54
My new 63 (had about a month now) has a stiff double, but a very light single-action trigger. 3" barrel and stainless, 8 shot. I like it.

Some suggest a trigger job of some sort. I probably won't bother with that.

Wonder how it compares to your LCR :)

The Pirate
05-22-2012, 19:35
I bet if you called Ruger they may help you somehow.

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05-22-2012, 21:42
LCR .38 and .357 trigger is light years better than the J Frame IMHO. The LCR .22 trigger is MUCH different than the other LCRs. Must be a technical reason for it internally. I'm confident someone on here can tell you why the .22 trigger is different. I bought the LCR .38 and also wanted the .22 version as a trainer. But testing the triggers side by side caused me to not consider it anymore. Totally different pull.

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05-22-2012, 22:18
The trigger on any 22 snubby is stout--it has to be to function. My buddy had a nice S&W 317, but the trigger pull was more than any center fire. Gotta have a certain amount of inertia to make a rimfire go bang.

05-22-2012, 22:32
LCR .38 has a black? hammer spring. LCR .22 nas blue.

05-23-2012, 08:36
after 300 rounds ive resigned this LCR-22 to the realm of less than kit gun.

the stiff D/A trigger is not compatible with a 10 year old girl's ability to fire it accurately. the crude sights make it less than optimal for a "kit gun".

the gun is "o.k." but im a bit disappointed with it after all the touting by ruger about the LCR trigger....rimfire will be more stiff but this charter arms quality. no grit, just stiff as hell, no better than other rimfire revolvers ive owned.

and ruger says their site has sights you can change out, well on the LCR-22 none are compatible according to ruger themselves.

id have been just as well served with a taurus 2" model 94 UL or a new breed 2" charter arms pathfinder. i just expected more from ruger.

05-23-2012, 08:52
the stiff D/A trigger is not compatible with a 10 year old girl's ability to fire it accurately. the crude sights make it less than optimal for a "kit gun".

Here is my S&W 63 at 10 yards, off-hand, in single-action. 3" barrel, 26 oz. Or you could get the 317 which is the same thing in aluminum at 12.5 oz.

The sights work good, the 3" barrel is nice for good sight radius. The double-action trigger is still full of hate, but you will LOVE the single-action trigger. End result is a really usable gun :)

Same frame size as other Smith and Wesson J-frames.

Here is some more single-action shooting, off-hand, but this time at 50 feet. The left target is one-handed, and the right is two-handed.

05-23-2012, 09:13
Cowboy, hopefully my posting that info about the 63 doesn't seem like I'm saying that's the best gun, because who knows. Maybe I should have gotten the 617 and then that would have had a nicer DA.

I had thought about getting your LCR, also the Smith 43c, both snubbie DA only. Or the snubby DA/SA 317.

And finally, I think my real choice was between the 3" DA/SA. 317 in aluminum and 63 in stainless steel. The larger framed 4" 617 was out because my wife thought that was too big and heavy for teaching other women to shoot (one of the duties of this gun). Had thought about a Ruger SP101 4" (probably too heavy too), but never saw one.

Pretty much all a dice roll. I have a couple snubby .38's with small to non-existant sights in the 637 and 642. So, for the 63 with a 3" barrel I welcome the longer sight radius and the real sights.

There's also the Ruger single-six and single-10, but I didn't really consider them much since I wanted DA. They are a little bigger than the J-frame stuff, but one of the single-six does come in a 4.62" barrel (the shortest I've seen in those). Something to consider.

Anyway, that was my thought process. But I could almost as easily ended up with the LCR :)

05-23-2012, 10:22
My Taurus .22 has a very nice, light, smooth trigger.

05-23-2012, 10:37
My Taurus .22 has a very nice, light, smooth trigger.

Model, year, in DA or SA or both? :)

05-25-2012, 15:29
20 or so years old.

Thousands of rounds though it.

Model 94 stainless

SA/DA but I shoot DA only

05-25-2012, 16:49
I read in maybe, G&A, about that gun. Ruger plainly, clearly said the LCR 22 trigger is much heavier than the full size, by pounds. Sounds like you could have done a bit better research.:dunno:

05-25-2012, 16:56
Here you go buddy.
And I quote:
"The other significant difference in the LCR-22 is that while the trigger mechanism uses the same patented Friction Reducing Cam as the original LCRs, it ramps up and maxes out about 2 to 3 lbs. higher than the .38 Special version and lets off at about 1 to 2 lbs. more."
End quote.

A bit of reading can save a lot of money!

05-25-2012, 17:15
Research? We're talkin' 'bout research? Let me get this straight. We're talkin' 'bout research?

Much easier to buy something and then come on GT and complain about it. How dare we be asked to conduct research. This is Amuuurica, we don't need no stinking research.

All in fun. Nobody get worked up.

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