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Machine gun shoot
05-22-2012, 17:26
Do you guys prefer scopes, open sights, forward grips, hand guards, bipods? Also, what style of stocks do you prefer? I am attempting to set up all of the machine guns with a “universal set up” to help make the guns more comfortable for everyone who shows up, and I find that my expertise sometimes gets in the way of the simplicity that many love to enjoy (not meaning to be arrogant at all! just want you guys to know why a specialist like myself would start a thread like this). I would like to make sure everyone who attends can shoot machine guns comfortably. I know we all like our weapons set up to suit our personal needs and preferences, but in this case I need a simple / universal setup that will work well for folks of all sizes and skill levels. I am specifically referring to the setup of the AR-15, AK-47, and MP5.

05-22-2012, 17:35
The last machine gun shoot I was in had a variety of combinations of different guns. Some had bipods, grips, scopes, etc. I think the more variety of set ups the more the fun. Suppressors would also be nice, good luck :wavey:


Machine gun shoot
05-23-2012, 10:16
I try to bring weapons with a variety of different setups to every machine gun shoot, and suppressors are always on hand. Thanks for the feedback, trying to meet the needs of everyone is tricky so every bit helps.