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05-23-2012, 00:57
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's my readings from todays range trip. Temp was low 70's, altitude about 1000 feet, and everything shot with my glock 20 and 6 inch lone wolf barrel, everything in starline brass and winchester WLP primers. Avg from 4 shots.......

Rainier 155 flat point plated

Unique powder: 7 gr.- 1221 FPS, 7.2 gr.- 1278 fps, 7.4 gr -1297 fps.

Power Pistol: 9gr.- 1435, 9.2 gr- 1488, 9.4 gr- 1508

Ok can someone please give me their thoughts on this. I have been shooting for a couple years now with the 6 inch barrel AND 180 and 200 gr loadings and have learned I get generally 75-100 FPS over book loadings tested in 5 inch barrels, and same thing with factory loads. BUT this is my first experience with the 155 gr weight and the velocity numbers are WAY higher then the book listings for these charge weights, and Im checking a variety of sources like alliant, hornady, speer etc. The power pistol loadings are a good 200 FPS over the stated book velocites for these charge weights. Im not complaining, Im just thinking wow.

Here's some more miscellaneous non 10mm stuff I ran over the chronograph today....

.223 Speer 70 grain semi spitzer shot in 22 inch barrel bolt gun, winchester brass, winchester small rifle standard primer, 26 grains BL-C (2), clocked 2825 FPS- remarks, excellent loading.

.45 ACP Hornady critical defense 185 grain factory load, shot from my Kimber Ultra II W/ 3 inch barrel- clocked 875 FPS. Remarks- hornady claims 900 FPS from 3 inch barrel, and 1000 FPS from 5 inch barrel.

.22 LR winchester 26 grain tin bullet lead free super-X, fired from Remington model 514 rifle- clocked 1450 FPS. Remarks- winchester claims 1650 FPS

.22 LR Winchester super-X 40 grain round nose solid "super speed" (sappoused to be higher performance then standard super-x loading) shot from my Remington 514 rifle- clocked 1275 FPS. Remarks- winchester claims 1300 FPS

05-23-2012, 10:09
Being you have a 6" LWD barrel the chamber and bore may be better tolleranced and conducive to better performance...Just be mindful of your distance to the sensor screens as it can affect the readings.

Tell me more about the Remington 514...I have the Rem 510 (single shot drop in from the top of open bolt) and 512 ( tubeular magazine holds 22 of the LR) bolt action guns. I dated a girl years back who had the 511 which was small box magazine fed. The Rem 513T's, some were target trainers for Army (box magazine fed)(scoped possibly)

So about the 514 how is it fed?

05-23-2012, 12:07
Shadow, I was a good 10 feet from the chronograph, you think there would be any issues at that distance? I didn't get any weird anomaly type readings for what its worth, just the 155 grain loads with both unique and power pistol clocked a lot higher then I anticipated. By the way the 155 grainers I tested with 7-7.4 grains of unique are all excellent light loads for lady and youth- in fact thats what I was looking for, and I took my girlfriend shooting yesterday and she was very happy shooting the unique 155 grain loads, the full house screamers us manly men make are too much for her to enjoy. I would estimate somewhere around 7.5 grains unique with a 155 would do around 1200 FPS in a standard length barrel.

Apparently the Remington 514 is a classic going back some 70 years, but Remington hasn't made it for years until recently they made a short run exclusively for Dick's sporting goods stores, and the new ones have a synthetic stock and short length of pull geared towards lady and youth (all of the classic used ones out there from like the 1940's, 50's etc have a wood stock. They are all single shot bolt action. I saw it on sale at Dicks, and it was the last one so the guy gave me an additional $10 buck off, so I thought what the hey, only 100 bucks and its turned out to be a fun plinker for both me and my girlfreind and future children, and she really appreciates the short length of pull, and I kinda like it too, even though Im an average sized man.

05-23-2012, 16:46
10' usually works, but with some powders I have had to go 12' to 15'. It is probably more the extra barrel length working for you on those loads.

The Remington 514 you have is the newer synthetic stock model?

The 510 Target Master I purchased used for $35 and 512 Sports Master was my dad's he bought for $16 when he was young, they are the older originals, 25" round barrel,one-piece walnut stock, cock-on-opening action, dual locking lugs, and twinextractors. When the rifle was cocked, a red-tipped firing indicator projectedfrom the rear of the bolt sleeve. The safety on the right rear of the actionengaged automatically as the bolt was pulled back. They are very accurate and much quieter than the newer shorter barreled version of today. There is a 513T for sale on another forum with a scope that the guy is looking for $900...OUCH

05-23-2012, 19:02
What seating length (OAL) did you load those 155gr rounds to? Loading them short will of course boost velocities.

I haven't used Power Pistol with 155's yet, but use it with 180's, and have found I can get 50-100 fps faster with Blue Dot before pressure signs show up.

I've been impressed with velocities from Power Pistol in my 6" barrel, but mostly use AA7 with 155's since I'm also using a muzzle brake. 1500 fps with a 155 is some pretty decent power. You should get similar velocity with a max capacity charge of AA9 (16.5-17gr, depending on brass, bullets, and OAL). You can improve on that a fair amount with AA7 if you're willing to go above book loads.

Did you test these for accuracy at all? I've found terrible accuracy with the Rainier plated bullets if they are pushed more than 1000-1100-ish fps.

How did your cases and primers look? Pictures?

05-23-2012, 20:48

Yes the Remington 514 I have is a new production one with the synthetic stock. Fun plinker! Remington only is making them for Dick's sporting good stores now, watch for a sale you should be able to get one for 100 bucks.


My overall length on all the rounds was 1.255, heck I load every single 10mm round that way, right smack in the middle of 1.25 and 1.26, plus I have always found every round varies slightly, like one might be 1.255, another 1.254. Well I just put all the brass in a bag and it got mixed up, but all the primers looked fine, none were any flatter then some of my favorite full house loads like a 180 W/ 11 gr blue dot, or 180 W 8.5 Power Pistol. No soot on the cases either. I am very impressed with the velocities from power pistol too! 8.5 gr gives me 1300 FPS in the 6 inch barrel with a wide variety of 180 grain slugs ive tested, and no overpressure signs, it takes a full two more grains of blue dot. And now this recent testing I did proves power pistol is amazing with a 155 grainer. I dont understand why more on here don't praise power pistol!!! It is my favorite powder for 10mm. Oh and no I did not test the 155's for accuracy on paper, but we blasted a lot of bowling pins at like 20 feet and it hit em all. FYI- I load the rainier 180 to 1300 FPS and it does fine on paper BUT I have been on the phone with the tech guy at rainier and he told me the secret is to use as little crimp as you can, he was telling me he pushes them to hot magnum speeds in 44 magnum and they do great and no reason the 10mm would not do the same.

05-25-2012, 11:52
OhioGlockMan - Thanks for the report! I have found a few things to be true in regard to your post.

1) Power Pistol is a GREAT 10mm powder. The only reasons I don't use it over Longshot are the bigger flash and the fact that PP doesn't push 180-200gr bullets as fast as LS. LS and PP are virtual equals when it comes to 155-165gr bullets, though, just so you know. PP is a bit faster so it loses the race with heavier stuff.

2) I have found LIGHTER bullets (135-165gr) gain MORE from longer barrels than do heavier, since you have parallel data that jives with other calibers and loads, I would say that the distance from your chrono screen is NOT the issue in this case, although Shadow is right (as he always is)... if you get too close to the screens, you will suddenly start getting "rifle velocities" from your 10mm loads. LOL.

I have loaded lots of 155gr XTPs over fat loads of PP and found it to be a swell shooting load. I will have to dig up my data, though.

05-25-2012, 20:09

I'd love to see your results with power pistol and 155 XTP's!

Yes I too see how power pistol is superior for the sub 180 grainers. I have found that with book loads, blue dot outperforms power pistol with 180 grainers by about 75 FPS (11 gr blue dot vs. 8.5 power pistol). But notice I say book loads. The highest book load ever listed for power pistol and 180 grainer is 8.5 and it says 33,000 PSI, so obviously more room to grow PLUS a lot of people have gone over that on here and gotten over 1400 FPS with a 180 grainer, not that I advize it, I tend to stick to book loads.

Also I use blue dot for 200 grainers as that does outperform power pistol for this range

05-29-2012, 09:16

I'd love to see your results with power pistol and 155 XTP's!

I'll try and dig up the data if I ever get a free few minutes after work