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05-29-2012, 17:34
My 2nd generation G21 was my favorite pistol until I got a 3rd generation G21... then I got a G30SF...

I am considering sending one of my two G21s to one of those custom shops that does grip reductions and have them shave some of the back-strap off to make it emulate a G21SF....

In general I don't like the direction most of the grip reductions go - I really just want to emulate the G21SF, not completely re-do the grip...

Any thoughts, suggestions or input?

I know, I should just buy a G21SF... but that is some $$$... whereas the grip reduction should be about $100+/- plus shipping.

05-29-2012, 18:03
If cost is an issue get the grip reduction. If you dont want to have to go through the trouble of finding another Gen 2, You could get a Gen 3 lower for like $275 to $300 plus the DROS and tax would be like $400 plus the reduction and finger groove removal is like $170 = $570. If you but a SF in CA it could cost you $650+ with DROS and tax. (unless you have the GSSF price $491 plus DROS, tax, membership fee about $600)

I like the idea of the grip reduction since it could be done around $150. But the Gen 2 frames are harder to get so you gotta be sure. Your in a state where finding a police trade in Gen 2 is more difficult to find. A Gen 2 police trade in can cost about $350 and CA dealers charge $75 to $125 just for the transfer plus the tax and some even add the DROS onto that :steamed:

I am a fan of grip reductions and will do one later this summer. Im going with lane at Cold Bore Customs. Good Luck :wavey:


06-02-2012, 15:56

I saw an ad in GT's classifieds...the firearm parts section I think it was in, one guy/business(?) for G21 and G21SF frames for $225. Buy one of those and then sell yours...some one may pay the same for the Gen 2 if they are a fan of that grip(?)

Just an Idea...let us know what you do with some pictures.


06-23-2012, 22:57
I am looking at Cold Bore as well, seems like the right place to go...

Want to have the finger humps removed and texture done.