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06-01-2012, 17:37
Ok so I need some help. I am looking to trade my Glock 23 Gen 3 for a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga shotgun. I have four hand guns and it's time for something new. My question is, is this a fair deal or no? 870's are nice and classic (this one was made in 1977 I think) and I'm just wanted to hear what you guys think. I carry a Glock 27 Gen 4 also in .40 SW. Here is the link for the Remi 870.

Please let me know your thoughts as I'm meeting this guy this coming Sunday for trade. Thanks!

06-01-2012, 18:01
I definitely would not trade even.there are 870's out there all over the place however that is one nice wingmaster.If i was doing the trade i'd want $100 boot money!

Bruce M
06-01-2012, 18:23
I agree that the 870 may be worth a bit less at least based on prices around here.

06-02-2012, 20:08
Thanks guys. I'll ask for 100 and see what happens. I really like it too. He sent me more pics and it looks brand new for being made in the late 70's.

06-02-2012, 20:52
I think the 870 is definitely worth less than a G23.

06-02-2012, 20:56
G23, Gen 3 used is probably worth realistically around $425 or so give or take. A Remington 870 WingMaster used is probably about $300, maybe $325. We're talking WINGMASTER and NOT Express here, right? An Express is probably a $200-$225 buck gun at best mostly because of the finish. The WingMaster has a much nicer finish and stock then an Express.
If they want to deal I'd say your G23 for their Remington 870 and $100 cash or I'd not take the deal.