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06-02-2012, 14:22
First....I would never intentionally damage any firearm,

That out of the way...Over the years (more than most on this forum), I have encountered or caused dry fire damage in my rimfire arms.

I have seen damage in revolver cylinders, the rear of semi-auto chambers, and even a single shot rifles.

Over the years I have read MANY threads concerning the damage, and how severe it is.

I must confess, on more than one occasion, I have simply taken an appropriately shaped stone, removed the offending burr and proceeded on as though life was going on as normal.

Sooooo, in a nut shell...What am I missing?

Other than the obvious, firing pin, firing pin stop, chamber, what damage is being done?

Prior to closing, I have never seen/caused any extreme damage, simply the somewhat usual burr into the chamber area.

06-02-2012, 20:01
You can also break firing pins.

There is a tool you can buy that is made for removing the bur on rimfire chambers.

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