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06-09-2012, 21:53
Been trying to get the wife on board the ccw train for a while now. She's always been somewhat gun shy. My guns were all ugly and loud and scary, yadda yadda. The .22's were all fine though.

Had a few heart to heart talks about it. Since I'm working nights, she's left home with our three daughters often. And last month we had some ' suspicious' character here claiming to be an insurance inspector asking a bunch of questions. But my wife noticed the ID badge he had around his neck didn't match the company he said he worked for. Copied everything she noticed and called our landlord to verify that an insurance inspector was supposed to be here. He checked out. But it put me on high alert the instant she told me about it.

We went that weekend to a bunch of gunshops to look and see if anything caught her eye. She pointed out a few guns, held a few guns, and finally found one she practically fell in love with.

So over memorial day weekend we borrowed a friend of the families J-frame S&W and let her put most of a box of some 158 gr round nose shells through it. Shot her friend's Ruger P95 a bit. Didn't care for it, even though it recoils quite a bit softer. She likes the simplicity of the revolver. No magazine, no safety to manipulate, no slide to rack.

So, I did a little sneaky snake action this last week and bought her the gun she wanted. Suprised her for our anniversary (5 years today).

Got some Hornady 110gr FTX +P to go with it.

She loves me. : supergrin:

06-09-2012, 22:02
And the 110gr FTX +P does pretty well in wetpack as well.

06-09-2012, 22:04
Now I gotta get her down to the local lawman and get her license to conceal it, a holster or two, and some speed strips.

06-09-2012, 22:22
Very cool. My wife opted for the SR9c after shooting way to many rounds out of her little snubby. Her hand and wrist were sore for weeks. I don't care what she carries as long as she carries. Did the LGS employee believe the pistol is for your wife?

06-10-2012, 20:16
We got it through a private FFL. They almost always will beat the price of a LGS, or sporting goods store.

And yes, we addressed the fact that it is "pink", but the model is considered black/red. That way she can call it pink, and if I decide to shoot it, I can attempt to call it black/red.

Doesn't matter much to me though, since I'm red/green color blind...