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06-12-2012, 00:15
I've got a G21 Gen 3 that I picked up with the intention of getting a lone Wolf dist. longslide for it, picked up a 6 inch KKM barrel and am shooting some moderate 45 Super loads in it (260 grain JHP at approx. 1,000 fps) ...but now am wondering if I should just get my KKM 6 inch barrel cut to 5 and stay with the factory slide! The gain of some velocity from an inch more barrel and I generally shoot better with a longer sight radius are the only pluses I can see!

So if you have a long slide G20 or G21, Where do you stand;

1.) Never got it running to satisfaction

2.) Less than impressed with it. Tell me why

3.) I like it...Again Why


4.) It's the best thing since burnt toast...And again why.



07-31-2012, 12:24
I've also thought about doing this. Anybody with a longslide have input?

vaquero aleman
08-25-2012, 10:39
I had a 20 with a storm lake 6" and an LWD open top long slide. I did not know about the "special washer" at the time so I was very dissapointed with the scraping of the recoil assy on the barrel. I shot a couple hundred through it before I sold it here, because "I couldn't find a job". I did not have access to a chrony so I never felt like I accomplished anything except for what my research told me. I never took the steps to go hunting with it so it was just something to play with for me. I liked the set-up but it is so much easier to carry a stock 21 so that is what I do now.

That being said, I currently have plans to purchase a solid top long slide with 6.61" barrel and compensator for my 21, but I will be altering the barrel to fire .460 Rowland so it will be far from a stock 21 anyway. I have successfully reamed two barrels with a "Clymer 45 ACP Finish reamer" and have shot a couple hundred Rowlands through them and I like the idea of haveing a 21 that can launch a 185gr projectile at around 1700fps. Or a 230gr at around 1500fps which is only 100fps away from 45 Winchester Magnum Velocity. And I feel like the only way to do that comfortably is with the long slide. I already have a beefed up Sprinco unit so all I need is $500 worth of LWD products to get it going.

08-28-2012, 19:22
I had a longslide LW upper for my G20sf in the past, and ran the 6.6" bbl in it. Honestly, it was a complete waste. It worked for the most part, but in the end I realized that it's A LOT more expensive than just dropping in a good KKM 6" bbl (or whatever bbl).

Sure the longslide looks better, but to me, it's more about the performance...so I don't really care if the barrel sticks out 1.5" from the end of the slide. It doesn't bother me bad enough to want to go spend good $$ on a longslide. The money I had wrapped up in the slide, barrel and internals was enough to buy another Glock outright.