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Chris Brines
06-16-2012, 13:34
This guy should run for President. I am not sure what the law says about natural born citizenship eligibility (not like it matters, obviously), but this guy was in fact born in Baton Rouge. And a TRUE American who does not bow to liberal fanaticism. Check this video out.!

06-16-2012, 15:35
They were trying to get him to run last time. He worked for and helped governor Mike Foster get CCW passed. He had my vote for governor and he's got my vote if he runs for president.

Chris Brines
06-16-2012, 16:15
Yeah I lived in LA most of my life but moved to Houston around the time he got elected. Didn't know much about him until the Deepwater Horizon fiasco. He fought relentlessly to keep Louisianians (and citizens of MANY other states) working while they got the mess sorted out. Obama's moratorium did nothing but hurt the Louisiana economy.