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06-16-2012, 17:03
I want to use longshot under these but i can't find any data. I was thinking around 8gr start. Sound reasonable?

Any Cal.
06-16-2012, 18:42
Which bullet? Which barrel?

I get the beginnings of hairline smiles in a stock G20 at 7.8, but am OK below that w/ 220ish lead.

In a LW barrel, I start at 7.8 and work up, but 8.2(I think) is 36Kpsi under a 200g jacketed, so I assume that you are overpressure by 8.5 if not sooner. It won't show in the AM barrel as a smile, but it will loosen the primer pockets when you run them hot.

I don't know anything about the 220g plated bullets, or their pressures.

06-16-2012, 19:24
Ones I got from yondering on here. I just shot 15 at 8gr in my long slide with lone wolf. The brass is close to max. Will not go more.

Any Cal.
06-17-2012, 00:14
It looks like tried those at 8.5g of LongShot in my LW barrel. The primers were still round, but I wasn't comfortable running them that high just because they would smile badly in the stock barrel at that charge weight, so I know the pressures are getting up there. In the 5.3" barrel they made 1180, FWIW. Running about 8 grains gets you the best velocity without going up over 8.5, it slows down some in there, then starts to pick back up as charge weights go up.