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06-17-2012, 08:53

I've read before that you are very fond of a j-frame for concealed carry. I've come to a crossroads concerning a deep concealment pistol. I carry a G26 currently but find it to big to conceal comfortably when complete discretion is required. I'm in the market for a true deep concealment gun, and I am a rather small framed guy (6"0,145 lbs). I would prefer to stay with 9mm, .38 of course will suffice, though I would like to avoid resorting to a .380 pocket pistol. A pistol that lends it's self to a variety of different carry methods (pocket,IWB,deep conceal shoulder holster,smartcarry,etc.) would only help me to make my decision. What is your experience with both of these platform's and what would you recommend?


Mas Ayoob
06-17-2012, 21:19
Rustin, you & I won't need to argue about 9mm Parabellum or .38 Special being superior to .380 with today's best ammunition.

In the carry modes you list, the flatter silhouette of the auto may conceal better than the revolver, but the shape of the auto will be more difficult to grasp and draw in an emergency than the revolver. The flat side of a "deeply concealed" auto is pressed against the body and requires the fingers to dig a little bit to gain a drawing grasp. The rounded grip-frame of the J-frame revolver allows that to happen faster. The shape of the auto makes it more likely to catch on the top edge of a pocket than does the more rounded profile of a "hammerless" Centennial J-frame, a "hammer-shrouded" older Bodyguard style Smith, or a conventional-style Chief Special series gun with its hammer spur bobbed off.

Only you can decide, bro. I'd rather have five shots NOW than seven shots a second or so later than "now," but that's just me.

And, of course, only YOU can decide which YOU hit better with at speed once the gun clears that deep concealment and goes into action.

06-18-2012, 05:12
Many thanks Mas. I appreciate your input very much. The auto might be a bit easier to conceal in a variety of methods, but ease of draw is very important and often times overlooked. I think the J frame would be a great deep concealment gun for me. I would like to make thing easier on myself by sticking with 9mm, but I don't think the shield is a small enough gun for me to carry discreetly. The rounded profile of the j frame makes it a great deep carry gun, especially concerning ease of draw, as you stated. Now I need to find a no lock j frame, and plenty of .38 special to practice with.

Thank you Mas,