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06-17-2012, 21:44
How come the Hornady 8th edition manual shows 12.9 gr of Bluedot as a max load for the 155 gr XTP and the Nosler manual shows a max load of 11.2 gr for their 150 gr bullet? That seems like quite a spread. This weekend I shot a bunch of the 150 gr Noslers loaded at 11.2 and they shot good but seemed a little light. I recently purchased a 22lb Wolff spring so I popped it in to try it. Would not eject the brass. Loaded some 165 gr Underwood ammo I had and they flew 10 feet away. I'm shooting a 6.6 threaded LW barrel with their comp. It would probably cycle if I removed the comp but didn't try that, just put the stock spring back in.

Bottom line, can I use 155 XTP Hornady manual as my guide with the 150 Noslers? Would 12.9 gr of Bluedot behind the Nosler 150 be safe? Why does Nosler data seem so weak?

06-17-2012, 22:09
Different bullet lengths, diameters (ever so small) but the most important thing is not the max pressure, as opposed to bullet velocity performance...over driving velocity, leads to over expansion or bullet break up.

Hornady bullets are designed to take more velocity and have a wide performance window of expansion.

06-18-2012, 15:49
Why does Nosler data seem so weak?
the data from my Loadbooks USA (in 10mm/.40 and 44mag manuals leads me to believe hornady simply list hotter loads than most

Would 12.9 gr of Bluedot behind the Nosler 150 be safe?
it shouldn't be a problem, but It will be a warm load I'm sure.
Just use common sense!
I load 12grs BD behind a 165gr FMJ with WLP* primers and have no problems in my gun... loud as hell with a comp though!

*I really like WLP's, especially for BD. they are a good bit warmer than CCI300's but not as hot as a CCI350.
Think of them as a CCI340 :supergrin:

06-18-2012, 19:06
I loaded some Nosler 150's, Win WLP's, and Bluedot. Starting at 11.8gr and up to 12.8. I made 3 of each to try. Will keep an eye for pressure signs. I've already shot the Hornady 155 XTP's up to 12.6gr of Bluedot and see no flattened primers, smiles or overexpanded cases around the web. Just wasn't sure if Nosler bullets created higher pressures for some reason.......it sure didn't feel like a full power load when I was shooting Nosler's listed "max". I am trying to work up some hunting loads for this deer season so I want a good warm load but not nuclear. The Noslers are a little cheaper to shoot then the Hornady's, so just using them for practice right now.

06-18-2012, 19:19
You will find the Hornady to be a better option for hunting in my opinion! They will hold together better. I use the Hornady 200 xtp's in a 45 cal sabot from my Muzzle Loaders.

06-18-2012, 19:27
Just wasn't sure if Nosler bullets created higher pressures for some reason......

That is possible. Don't know if it's true in this case or not.

Just as an example, Hornady sells their .451" 300gr XTP in a standard and magnum version. Using the standard in loads for the magnum bullet (454 Casull in my case) definitely causes early pressure signs!

07-08-2012, 09:30
Just a follow up. I shot the Nosler 150's today. Started at 12 grs of Bluedot and slowly went to 12.8 grs from a 6.6" LW barrel. No signs of pressure at all. No hint of a smile and primers looked the same at 12 and 12.8. It did cycle and eject fine now with the 22lb spring and comp on, at 11.2grs it would not. Nice stout load but probably correct in assuming this is above this bullets performance range.